Frequently Asked Questions

About the Cannabis Framework Project

What is the Cannabis Framework Project?

The Cannabis Framework Project is an industry initiative developing policy frameworks, best practices and standardized nomenclature to accelerate mainstream adoption of cannabis. Our work aims to craft comprehensive solutions to complex issues through open collaboration.

What does the Cannabis Framework Project aim to achieve?

Our goal is to help transition cannabis into an accessible, trustworthy and universally understood product. We believe reshaping public perception and policy depends on inclusive solutions that balance progress and tradition. Our frameworks provide pragmatic guidance for achieving cannabis’ full potential.

Who founded the Cannabis Framework Project?

@HxHippy, and @Meelie_Art.

Founders of,,,,

We are a wife and husband team doing what we can to help the industry thrive, and help people achieve overall wellness.

We know computer science, AI, digital media, advertising, programming, consumer psychology, Holistic Herbalism, NLP, and Modern Applied Psychology, regulated industries, and we are both hold Master Certifications for Cannabis, which pertains to the science, medical, recreational and the commercial side of cannabis. We come from diverse backgrounds but share a passion for conscious policy evolution and believe multi-stakeholder collaboration is key to progress.

How is the Cannabis Framework Project funded?

We accept donations for this project, but we are funding it ourselves for the time being. This project is an open collaboration effort.

Which areas related to cannabis policy and mainstreaming does your work address?

We focus on issues that significantly impact public adoption and policy reform, including:

  • Developing standardized and simplified nomenclature for cannabis strains
  • Crafting policy frameworks for social equity in the cannabis industry
  • Providing guidance on best sustainability practices for cannabis businesses
  • Establishing product standards and transparency to build consumer trust
  • And more as the industry continues to develop.

What is your current project?

Our initial project aims to develop an intuitive taxonomy and product classification system for cannabis strains based on their compounds, effects, flavors and aromas. The goal is to derive a simplified naming model that provides clarity for all consumers, especially newcomers to cannabis.

How does your strain naming project work?

We are analyzing cannabis strains/cultivars based on their complete chemistry to determine an optimal taxonomy for categorizing products based on outcomes and experience. The model considers terpenes, THC, CBD and lesser-known compounds to provide a comprehensive profile of each strain. By simplifying how strains are organized and named, we can make the product more accessible.

What other policy frameworks or best practice guides are you developing?

Future projects will provide guidance on:

  • Social equity issues like diversity in hiring, gender wage gaps and disproportionate impact of criminal records.
  • Environmentally sustainable business practices for energy and water use, land clearing, and waste management.
  • Product quality standards, testing transparency, and labeling to build trust in this new legal market.
  • And other issues as priorities emerge and discussions in our community develop.

We aim to address policy problems that significantly and measurably impact mainstreaming cannabis using collaborative solutions validated by subject experts and industry stakeholders.

What is your timeline for completing projects?

As a collaborative project developing complex policy frameworks, we aim for thoroughness over haste. The timeline for each project depends on the scope of work involved and consensus-building among participants. While we seek to publish actionable guidance in a timely manner, our frameworks are shaped by diverse input which cannot be rushed. We appreciate your patience and participation. Progress evolves at the speed of trust.

Get Involved

How can I or my organization get involved with the Cannabis Framework Project?

We invite individuals and groups to:

  • Join our collaborative community to discuss key issues
  • Share professional or subject matter expertise for specific projects
  • Help develop policy frameworks by participating in working groups
  • Promote our initiatives and work within your networks
  • Sponsor or donate to support research, outreach and publication of resources

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